08 February 2010

The Missinng Blessed Mary's Grotto Boracay

Willy’s Rock Boracay will never be the same without the Blessed Virgin Mary’s Grotto on it. The well loved, most photographed tourist spot in Boracay was recently demolished. Island locals and visitors were shocked to wake up one morning to learn about this horrifying incident.

Rumor has it that the deed was done overnight and without witnesses. It’s very hard to believe that no one has witnessed it because tourists often pass by that area in between bar hopping or late night strolling and police patrollers are doing their routine rounds 24/7. If there were any witnesses, I hope that they do coordinate with the authorities and shed light to this incident that has angered many locals.

As reported in national TV, Umagang Kay Ganda program, it was the Willy’s Resort owner, himself, who ordered the demolition of The Grotto. His intention was to prove his faith and his devotion to his new found religion.

While everyone should respect each other’s faith, taking away of something so meaningful to most people-such as The Grotto in Boracay- is very upsetting especially Catholics who visit the Island.

Fr. Placer Magloire, Boracay Island Parish Priest was heard saying in his homily, "...they may win in this battle, but they can not win the war! They declare war but we wage peace. They wage insult and hatred but we declare love and respect. They destroyed the image of the Blessed Mary in no time but The Grotto will soon rise with all It's Glory..."

Here are few photos on the web, in memory of The Grotto, which we will never see again but we hope to be rebuilt.

1 Bluboi
2 Lemuel Hayagan
3 KoolBeep
X Lemuel Hayagan


Berns Constantino said...

What?!! We're going to Boracay pa naman this coming Valentines and was really looking forward to see the grotto. How sad... They shouldn't have demolished it. It's a precious piece of icon in the island-- a very famous spot and now it's gone! Hindi ko na sya makikita :(

Jun said...

is this true? why I can't find it in the news?

Jasmin said...

@ Bernadette, sad but true. papalitan daw ng 10 Commandments. =(
@ Jun, totoo. na news cya pero di cya mashado napupublish like most crimes/or bad publicity dahil nga naman it will affect tourism. The X picture speaks for itself. =(

Jun said...

awww... too bad, I saw the news already.. kakalungkot naman. :(


gagaboracay said...

hi! just to let you know -- a new image of Our Lady of Lourdes was installed yesterday Feb 11 after a Holy Mass at the Holy Rosary Parish Church on Boracay Island. After the mass celebrated by Fr. Adlai Placer, a fluvial procession brought the Madonna from boat station 3 to the Boracay rock. Boracaynons, stakeholders and tourists, welcomed the Madonna with songs and prayers. Tears were shed as she was positioned in her rightful place. I can say now that everything is all right in the world ...

Jasmin said...

@meeting: I'm so happy! a lot of people attended the ceremony, it was so moving. Will post photos soon. busy lang with work lately

Jasmin said...

salamat jun for the link